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Building Excitement Through the Power of Planning and Promotion
Anything is Posh Able! We exist to create impactful events and image building experiences with passion and style to help our clients prosper and our community flourish.  Through our collaborative culture and mission-centered marketing, Team Posh is committed to making Orlando an even more exciting place to experience life.

How It Started

Starting a business from scratch from the floor of a living room, during a down economy seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing for a new mother to do.  It was Valentine's Day 2008 in Windermere, Florida when Paula Wyatt began an event planning company with a laptop computer and a six-month old baby. She was convinced that if you find "that thing" (passion) that makes your stomach tickle and you can convince someone to pay you to do it, that everything else would fall into place. There were no clients the first year, so Paula worked for free with local charities until Orlando starting calling.  With the motto "From Concept to Clean Up" and "We do the work and you get the credit" she was soon building events for every stage of her clients growth from Ground Breaking to 50th Anniversary.


Central Florida was growing and so was Team Posh.  The notion of "Building Events that Build Relationships" caught on in January 2010, the company expanded their creative services to launch IMAGE Builders. CEO Paula Wyatt, calling upon her extensive background in corporate marketing with Time Warner and Bright House Networks created a unique Organic-Marketing system based upon developing brand recognition, creating community engagement and building strategic partnerships - utilizing a customized blend of marketing, public relations and social media tactics cohesively to build a client's Imaging Strategy. 


Philanthropy as Marketing


The decision to forgo advertising and use “Philanthropy as Marketing” seemed risky at first. But after nine years and less than four hundred dollars spent in advertising, the company has grown organicaly through client referrals and word-of-mouth promotion. Instead of a marketing budget, the company allocates nearly 20% of their resources, through Posh Abilities, to assist Central Florida charities by providing FREE Event Planning and Public Relations services.


Anything is Posh Able

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