In ORLANDO and in Central Florida, we have no shortage of diversely fabulous event spaces from which to host all events large and small - community events, corporate events, nonprofit fundraisers, social events, or private parties.  Our EVENT VENUES include convention centers, hotels, private event venues, sports arenas, theme parks, community parks, restaurants, night clubs and anywhere you can get a permit.

From my 13 years of experience in BUILDING EVENTS from concept to clean up and GIVING BACK to

the Central Florida community - I've had the opportunity to work on hundreds of event at almost every venue in Central Florida.  

Amway Center
Orange County Convention Center
Camping World Stadium
Exploria Stadium
Central Florida Fairgrounds
Dr. Phililps Center for the Performing Arts
Snap! Space
Church Street District (Road Closure for Block Party)

I've hosted events at almost every rooftop in Downtown Orlando. The rooftop spaces stay the same for the most part, but the names change over the years and sometimes even faster. Some rooftops are for private use of owner and tenants and some allow outside event planners.  Best to google "dowtown orlando rooftop event venues" and you'll see the current names. The names change due to ownership or managment of the entire building or leadership of the event space. 

The biggest consideration is of course, weather. In Orlando we actually have a pretty reliable weather pattern, check the almanc (yes there is still an alamant) and it will tell you average tepatiaer. for the like 20 years and number of timesit has rainded. Then once you have thsi infomration, ask youself "am I feeling lucky" almost that bad. 

As an event planner, you "plan and release".  Find the data on the historci weather, make a back up plan that can be easily acitivated - then smile a lot when clients ask" what do we do it if tirains" and relase it. In 13 years I've only had 3 events actually impacted by weather (and one was a hurricane that canelled all events). 

For downotown roof top

  • Weather - Here are some things to consider when hosting a rooftop even


 with the exeptio of eciting new space coming son  but the names change over the years. usualy due to ownerhisp of the entire buisling or managmetn of the space. - these change over the years the outdoor event venue business is tough, becuase you guessed it weather. And many of the rooftops (while awesome) dont' have a similar Plan B space.  Also downtown, parking freaks some people out. But it's all do -able.

City and County Owned Venues 





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