Posh Culture

Since 2008, the team at Anything is Posh Able, has been working with some of the most exciting companies and nonprofit organizations in Central Florida to create impactful event experiences and image building strategies. Our innovative team would like to say thank you to the vendors we trust, the clients we serve and the charities we support. We also greatly value the guidance and inspiration received from our Advisory Panel of Influencers, as well as the energy and support provided by our community volunteers. 

Our Mission


Anything is Posh Able! We exist to create impactful events and image building experiences with passion and style to help our clients prosper and our community flourish. Through our collaborative culture, Team Posh is committed to making Orlando an even more exciting place to experience life.

Our Story


With love, on Valentine's Day 2008 in Windermere, Florida  Paula Wyatt began a party planning company called Posh Able Events.  The company was successful in developing a strong corporate and nonprofit client base by helping them to develop events for every stage of their organization's growth from ground breaking to 50th Anniversary. Some events are for fun, we love fun!  But a growing number of our client's events were goal oriented (fundraising, product launches, convention events.)  So, we answered the call by launching a full menu of event marketing, branding and communications services and we called this unique integrated approach IMAGE BUILDING


At year three our IMAGE BUILDING services were in high demand, but not just for events. We began providing communications, public relations and community engagement services to some of Orlando's most exciting brands.  Since the beginning, we have been working for FREE, providing Event Planning and Public Relations services to Central Florida charities through their non-profit brand, Posh Abilities.   Anything is Posh Able! 


Anything is Posh Able

Central Florida is GROWING! At Posh Able Events we build events for every stage of your Central Florida business or nonprofit organization's growth, from Ground Breaking to 50th Anniversary. 


Your IMAGE is more than the sum total of your products and services. Your IMAGE is how people experience your organization it communicates your personality, your values and your mission.

Posh Abilities is a not-for-profit extension of Anything is Posh Able!  We Exist to Assist - Supporting Central Florida charities by providing FREE event planning and public relations services. 

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