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Discovering The Perfect Space for Your Event

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Anything is Posh Able®  with Posh Able Events. We pride ourselves on being in the know when it comes to event venues in Central Florida. From stunning conference centers to delightful outdoor settings, our expertise allows us to help you curate an extraordinary event experience - leaving a lasting impression on your attendees and helping your organization to achieve your event goals.


Let us leverage our knowledge and connections to find the perfect venue that sets the stage for your unforgettable event.



Consider your target audience and select a venue within a reasonable radius, typically around ten miles. This ensures that attendees can reach the venue easily, minimizing travel challenges and increasing event participation.

Objectives and Goals

Consider the style, functionality, flow, and available amenities of each potential venue to ensure that it complements and enhances your event goals.



Understand all venue fees related to food and beverage, service fees, parking, WIFI, AV access, overnight storage, early install or late strike. Build a comp charge to farily compare total venue cost.

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Attendee Experience


The impression your event leaves on attendees is a crucial aspect of its success.  Evaluate the venue's amenities, such as parking, restrooms, Wi-Fi access, food and beverage options, and bar facilities. 

Contingency Plan

It's essential to have a solid plan for inclement weather and ensure that the venue can accommodate the necessary equipment, such as stages, seating, sound systems, and lighting. 



Depending on which county your event will take place in there are a variety of permitting considerations for things like: tent installations, serving alcohol, selling food,  pyrotechnics, noise ordinances and more. 

Anything is Posh Able® at Posh Able Events. We are not just builders of events; we are creators of excitement -- about your Orlando area event. With our unparalleled creativity and extensive network, we have the power to elevate your event and help you achieve your event goals, whether they are focused on sales, fundraising, education, or appreciation. We work closely with you to design a comprehensive event communication strategy that guarantees the success of your event. 

 Led by the creativity and enthusiasm of Chief Excitement Officer, Paula Wyatt.



Posh Abilities - We Exist to Assist!  Providing FREE Image Building and Event Strategy Services to Central Florida nonprofits. Anything is Posh Able®

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