The Power of Public Relations

Using the power of public relations we leverage the uniqueness of your organization to build your image, leading your organization to be seen by your target audience, elevating awareness about your brand or mission, and growing your Central Florida business or nonprofit organization. 

At Posh Able IMAGE Builders we are telling your organization's story and leading your brand, to keep your Orlando area company ahead of the competition by evaluating the marketplace and interpreting public opinion. As your PR Strategist, we will design a customized Public Relations Program to inform public understanding central to the success of your organization.  


Telling your story through creative copywriting, video production, imagery and graphic design 

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Developing strategic partnerships and alliances to engage your community and industry

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Designing a monthly content marketing plan elevating your targeted messages

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Engaging the media with your messaging through pitches and press releases. (tv, radio, print, digital)

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Preparing  your organization for community and industry awards and lists

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Building an interactive digital newsroom and media clippings archive

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Monitoring your brand and managing your reputation

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Integrating your public relations efforts with your core marketing and social marketing.

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Anything is Posh Able with Posh Able IMAGE Builders  - a unique boutique Marketing and Communications firm located in Orlando, Florida -  helping you GROW your Central Florida business or nonprofit organization - telling your story - in an engaging way - through a variety of channels - to those you want to impress and inspire.  Anything is Posh Able.


 Led by the creativity and enthusiasm of Chief Excitement Officer, Paula Wyatt.