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Promoting Your Event

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Integrating event promotion from the start is not just a nice-to-have; it's a strategic imperative. As an event strategist, at Posh Able Events we emphasize the importance of aligning event promotion with your overall event plan, regardless of whether your event is sponsor-centric or focused on broad audience engagement. Our professional event promotion plans are centered around defining success metrics, understanding your target demographic, aligning with event messaging, and tailoring attendee engagement.


Let us set the stage for a successful event that resonates with your attendees and achieves your desired outcomes.

Marketing and Sponsorship Materials

We create captivating marketing and sponsorship materials that effectively convey your event's message and attract the right sponsors to support your vision.

Fundraising and Donor Engagement

We understand the importance of securing funds and engaging donors. Our strategic approach will maximize your fundraising efforts and foster long-term partnerships with sponsors and donors.

Community Partnerships and Alliances

Building strong connections within the local community is crucial for event success. We will help you forge valuable partnerships and alliances that enhance your event's visibility and broaden its reach.

Event Website and Ticket Sales

Our tech-savvy team will develop an exceptional event website, implement a seamless ticket sales system, and craft a powerful online strategy to drive attendance and generate excitement.

Anything is Posh Able at Posh Able Events. We are not just builders of events; we are creators of excitement -- about your Orlando area event. With our unparalleled creativity and extensive network, we have the power to elevate your event and help you achieve your event goals, whether they are focused on sales, fundraising, education, or appreciation. We work closely with you to design a comprehensive event communication strategy that guarantees the success of your event. 

 Led by the creativity and enthusiasm of Chief Excitement Officer, Paula Wyatt.

Media Engagement

We help you secure press coverage  and media partnerships to shine a spotlight on your event and increase its visibility. Including submission of photos to local "back of mag" columns.

Social  Engagement 

We build interactive in-event social media activations to enage attendees, amplify the impact of your event, and generate a buzzworthy online presence.

Influencers and VIP Guests

Enhance the prestige and visibility of your event by securing influential figures and VIP guests. We have the connections and expertise to make it happen.

Calendar Sections 

We submit your event with ticket links to up to 20 local print and digital calendar sections.

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