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Ten Interesting People Lunch - TIP Lunch


The Ten Interesting People (TIP) Lunch, is Orlando's invitation-only quarterly gathering -- inviting ten intriguing individuals from eclectic backgrounds - to share what's interesting and important in their world.  That's it...just ten interesting people having lunch. Adding a dash of excitement, attendees are revealed at the event. TIP lunches support unique Orlando area restaurants - and they are easy, self-pay, and just 90-minutes long. 

These quarterly TIP Lunches perfectly embody the spirit of Anything is Posh Able®, a brand that has been igniting excitement in Orlando for over 15 years. If you received an invitation to join us for the next TIP Lunch - please reply to that email. If you would like to suggest someone for consideration at a future TIP Lunch - let us know.

"As part of my ongoing love affair with Orlando, I receive a generous dose of inspiration from the intriguing individuals I have the privilege of encountering along the way in my role as an IMAGE Building Consultant and Event Strategist in Central Florida. The Ten Interesting People (TIP) Lunch is a chance for me to connect interesting people with creative ideas."


Paula Wyatt - Chief Excitement Officer

Anything is Posh Able®

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