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The Secret Sauce! TMT = Time, Money and Talent

Corporate Karma is the secret sauce resulting from the creative blending of profit and purpose, it’s the collective energy of a company’s social conscience and it reflects an organization’s ability to creatively align core business objectives with an impactful giving strategy. While global corporations like Coca Cola may be aimed at enabling the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs across our global value chain by 2020 (as an example),  companies of all sizes are making unique and significant social impact.  The recipe for Good Corporate Karma is creative leveraging of a company's three most important assets: time, money and talent (TMT) to advance a strategic philanthropic mission or social project.  

As someone who has the shape-shifting power of working in both the for-profit and not-for-profit world’s providing IMAGE BUILDING and EVENT PLANNING services in Orlando, Florida, I am regularly inspired by the hearts and minds of our business leaders and wanted to share some shining examples of Corporate Karma at work in the City Beautiful.

  • Publix Charities

  • Orlando City Foundation

  • First Green Bank

  • Darden Restaurants

  • Rosen Hotels and Resorts

Hats off to these Central Florida super stars and to so many more! Share a story about how your favorite company is  #GivingBack on Facebook, then follow this special story line on Twitter, Google and Linked In. #AnythingisPoshAble

Anything is Posh Able! We design IMAGE BUILDING Strategies for some of Central Florida's most exciting companies and nonprofit organizations.  Our organic marketing system is based upon developing brand recognition, creating authentic community engagement and building strategic partnerships. 


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