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The Take Action Conference  History in Action    
Hilton Orlando - October 21, 2023
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Community Connection

The Community Connection is a collaborative activation space at the Take Action Conference, offered free of charge to participating nonprofit organizations.

As catalysts for change, Central Florida nonprofits are invited to join forces with students, activists, educators, and community partners to share knowledge and advance their missions against prejudice and bigotry at the Take Action Conference, October 21, 2023 at Hilton Orlando (located at 6001 Destination Parkway). By participating in the Community Connection at the Take Action Conference, nonprofits can strengthen their capacity, build sustainable strategies, and collaborate with diverse stakeholders, all while leveraging the power of the Institute's testimonies and lessons from the Holocaust. Together, they can inspire individual and collective action, creating a positive impact within themselves, their communities, and the world at large.  To learn more about the Take Action Conference visit the official website here, to register to participate in Community Connection - see below. 

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Take Action - Community Connection

1. Complete the Registration Form  and  Receive a Digital Welcome Package 

2. Email Your Logo

3 . Attend a Virtual Run Through Call - September 29, 2023 at 3:30 Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 886 7508 6193 - Passcode: 079313

4. Register for the conference this ensures your badge and your seat at all the meals. CLICK HERE and click "FREE TICKET" the email address you registered will be your access. 

5. Activate your Community Connection Space - October 21, 2023 Orlando Hilton - you will have a six foot table, with linen (no electrtic access).


Our Community Connection partners will be engaging our 350+ attendees with their mission, via an assigned activation space at the Take Action Conference. Each nonprofit partner will receive (two) passes to the conference (sessions and meals) for enjoyment when not staffing their Community Connection space.

Activating Your Space

To optimize your activation space at the Take Action Conference, you'll want to prioritize engaging, interactive elements. Consider a captivating visual display; bring banners, standees or models to illustrate your cause. Engage attendees with interactive, tactile experiences like a puzzle related to your mission, or a DIY craft. Hand out branded reusable items, like water bottles or tote bags, that will remind them of your organization. Organize a mini contest or scavenger hunt. Lastly, ensure you have plenty of literature and friendly faces ready to converse with curious visitors.

Community Connection Registration 

Thank you for Registering!

Holocaust Memorial in Orlando

Nonprofits will draw inspiration from the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida, which is transitioning into the Holocaust Museum for Hope and Humanity. The museum's vision of building a just and caring community aligns with the goals of many nonprofits. The newly established Take Action Institute, overseen by a dedicated steering committee, provides mentoring, leadership development, and research resources to empower the next generation of changemakers.

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