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Event Call Sheet

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Hello Trusted Event Vendor!
Thank you for your partnership to ensure the success of this exciting event and provide a seamless experience for our shared client and their guests. Our vendor team for this event features close to 20 different companies installing in a confined space, so please be sure you have completed YOUR CHECK LIST prior to 11/25 and confirm your scheduled load in time. Then feel free to share this link with your onsite teams so they have access to the full scoop.



Event: Ferran Fest - A (mostly outdoor) private event for Ferran's (300 or so) employees and their families

Onsite Contact: Text 321 946 6565

Client: Ferran Services - 530 Grand Street - Orlando, FL 32805 (for contract and payments)

Where:  Ferran Services - 530 Grand Street - Orlando, FL 32805

When: December 9, 2023 (3pm to 8pm)

Attire:  Your normal event attire, not a formal event,

WIFI:  SSID:  Ferran_Christmas_Party_Vendors wifi key is FerranHQ*2023

Meals:  Non alcoholic beverages and light meal provided

Load In & Strike:  Schedule coming soon SHOW READY by 2pm and STRIKE COMPLETE by 10pm

Vendor Parking:  Complimentary in gravel lot adjacent to event site (see diagram)

Onsite Contact: Posh Able Events - Text 321 946-6565 

Inclement Weather:  The event was designed to be 60% under cover of roof or tent. In the event of rain there is a warehouse space that we can move any uncovered activations to.  

Music: DJ and Juke Box - Playing a G Rated Mix of Top 40, Country, and Holiday.

DJ: Announcements to Read

Garbage: Cans and bags are provided. Dumpster onsite (behind the bungee)

Electric: View Power Plan to confirm you have what you need

Event Vendor Checklist

  1. Submit Contract:  Submit and receive a copy of your signed contract (listing client not Event Planner)

  2. Request Payment: If you have not already been paid in full send an email To:, Subject: Ferran Invoice - attach an invoice, credit card link - or information on how you want to be paid. NO CHECKS ARE DISTRIBUTED AT EVENT.

  3. Provide W9: Email a W9  Blank W9

  4. Provide COI: Provide a Certificate of Insurance for your company, listing Ferran Services  - 530 Grand Street - Orlando, FL 32805 as an additional insured

  5. Review Site Plan - Ensure the footprint allocated for your activation is ample. IF NOT EMAIL US PRIOR TO  11/25 so we can re design.

  6. Review Electrical Requirements - Ensure your electrical needs have been accounted for and that you provide a 20 foot extension cord. 

  7. Schedule Your Load In : View Production Scheudle 

Check List

Event Site Map

Ferran Services (1).png
Ferran Services.png
Ferran Services (1).png

Production Schedule 

Friday, December 8 

  • 2pm - Event Works (Tent Install)

  • 2pm - Ferran Services (Self Installed Items) Tents/Tables/Bars/Coolers/Ice/Alcohol/Garbage Cans

  • 3pm and 4pm - United Site Services

  • 4pm - 5pm - Louis Food Truck 

Saturday, December 9

  • 11am

    • Posh Able Events Team (321 946 6565)

    • Corn Hole (Ferran)

    • Ferran Electrical Load In (Kyle and Shawn)

    • PopNoggins ( Elijah 407-334-0250)

  • 12pm

    • Event Works (non tent item placements)​ 

    • Ferran Bars and Mixers, Cups, Ice, Alcohol

    • Roaming Hunger - Woodsons (Carlos - Jeremy 323-509-0547)

    • Roaming Hunger - Donuts & Espresso (Bilyana - Jeremy 323-509-0547)

  • 1pm

    • Rock Star Mobile Ax​ (407-326-8429)

    • TLF Entertainment (Jason 407.415.5803)

    • Captain Carnival (Michelle 407-687-6220)

  • 1:30pm​

    • Louis Bistro 

    • BTTR Video and Photo (Kasia 407-600-2399)

    • BINGO Rez Events (727-518-4394)

  • 2pm

    • Vehicles are moved from the event area and parked in designated lot. 

    • Shuttle Jet USA (

    • My Bar Service (407-757-7583 One Bar Manager 2pm - 9pm)

    • Shuttle Service 2pm to 9pm (NEW TIME)

  • 2:30pm​

    • Artistic Talent Group

  • 2:45 pm

    •  SHOW READY for final walk thru

    • My Bar Service (Two Bar Tenders 3pm - 8pm)

  • 3pm - 8pm

  • 3:30pm - Corn Hole Begins

  • 4pm - 8pm ​

    • Park South Photography​

    • Bingo

  • 5pm - 6pm Orlando City - Kingston Photo Ops

  • 6:30pm Bryan pull prize winners and get prizes to the DJ Tent​

  • 7:00pm DJ Announce Prize Winners

  • 9pm - 10pm​

    • Strike (no items to be left over night unless approved in advance

    • Approved- United Site Servoces for Monday Pick Up (Ben/Juan)

Production Schedule

Safety and Security

This event has been designed with the safety and security of event attendees and vendors as a top priority. 

  • View City of Orlando Permit for Tents (Event Works0

  • View Certificates of Insurance for each Vendor

  • Hired Security Officer 2pm to 10pm

  • Ax Throwing - Requires Closed Toed Shoes

  • Captain Carnival Jump Area - Requires each jumper to sign a waiver

Lighting Plan

Our event is 3pm to 8pm, the sun sets at 5:30 that day. Ferran (see image at top of page) has installed festive lighting on the building and there are several permanent light poles on property. In addition:

  • Event Works - Lights in Tents and Market Lights for Food Truck Alley 

  • PopNoggins - Up lights in the Arcade Hall

  • PopNoggins - 3 Orb Crystal Lights Draw on Diagram

  • Rock Star AX Throwing - Lighting their Booths

Reference Images

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