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Heritage and Cultural Organizations Engagement Kit

At FusionFest, we are showing the world that people of different cultures and lifestyles can live together on a basis of love and respect. Learn about the many ways in which your nonprofit or cultural organization can elevate your mission and engage the Central Florida community through year-long nonprofit to nonprofit partnerships.


Benefits of Engagement with FusionFest

From one nonprofit organization to another, thank you! Thank you for the important work your team is doing for the Central Florida community. Whether your mission is to - serve the underserved, elevate the message of inclusion, or illuminate the world through creativity – we’d love to help you! There are many ways to partner with FusionFest.  Check out this video

Download the Kit

Download the FusionFest Heritage and Cultural Organizations Engagement Kit for over 20 ways in which we can work together to make Oralndo an even more diversitastic place to belong.

Who We Are

FusionFest Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to celebrate the people and the many different cultures that make Central Florida awesome by showcasing talents, sharing stories, driving innovation, and building community based on respect and understanding. FusionFest is a project of the Orange County Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

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What We Do

FusionFest organizes weekly and monthly, both virtual and in-person, events that keep the community engaged and connected to the cultural diversity in Central Florida. We participate in parades and create dining experiences and workshops from January to November.  Our signature event on Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving Day in Downtown Orlando is a free, two-day, festival that draws people from more than 100 different cultures to experience music, dance, food, visual arts, spoken word, games and interactive activities.

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