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September 27, 2023

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FusionFest  2023 MYgration Film Awards Ceremony - October 1 at Enzian Theatre

Orlando, Florida – FusionFest, in partnership with the Global Peace Film Festival, reveals details of the 2023 MYgration Film Competition, an incredible opportunity for filmmakers and subjects to come together and share stories of migration, perspectives, and cultural intertwining. The popular annual competition seeks to capture the stories of Central Floridians from around the world in short five-minute documentary films. There are two main ways for individuals to creatively engage, as a Filmmaker (with a passion for storytelling and wish to capture the essence of the MYgration journey) or as a Subject (allowing a filmmaker to portray their experiences on film).

How It Works – Making the Films

FusionFest closed the online registration on August 1st, with a minimum of ten films to be produced for the 2023 festival season. Next, a private “Pairing Event” was held on August 25th at Full Sail University where Filmmakers and Subjects connected for the first time. They then had 5 days to produce the film and submit the final reel for judging by an esteemed FusionFest panel. The 2023 MYgration film competition welcomes 11 filmmakers paired with 11 subjects representing 11 unique cultures.


How It Works – Viewing and Voting

  • On September 23rd at 7:30pm at the Rollins College Bush Auditorium - The MYgration films premired as part of the annual Global Peace Film Festival, where attendees casted their vote for their favorite films. 


  • On October 1, 2023 – 12:30pm at- Enzian Theatre (1300 Orlando Avenue in Maitland, Florida) the MYgration Film Screening and Award Presentation will take place. Upon completion the panel will reveal the 2023 MYgration Film Competition winners. Presenting five awards including the popular “Audience Choice” winner and awarding a $1000 Grand Prize and a $200 Student Prize as well as cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.  A private Filmmaker’s Reception will take place prior to the screening. FusionFest’s weekly talk show, Diverse Orange will be filming live from the red carpet at the premiere. Tickets are available at


  • The third Monday of each month (from December – August) join the Digital watch party featuring two films and their filmmakers.


To close out the film season, all the films will be showcased on The OUC/Massey Stage during the 6th Annual FusionFest, a free multicultural arts festival to be on November 25 and 26 at Dr. Phillps Center for the Performing Art’s Senff Arts Plaza in downtown Orlando, Florida.

“Central Florida’s reservoir of talent never ceases to amaze me. With the MYgration Film Festival, we are deeply honored to provide a platform that showcases the myriad of diverse and poignant stories emerging from the heart of Central Florida. Our community's tapestry is rich, vibrant, and ever-evolving, and it's a privilege to spotlight such narratives.'"  Lori Turchin, long-time Curator of the MYgration Film Festival


“FusionFest has evolved to become more than just a festival; it's Central Florida's heartbeat, rhythmically channeling the vast spectrum of our diverse talents. As we unite and celebrate every hue and note of our collective journey, FusionFest becomes the essential bridge that intertwines our stories, talents, and aspirations.” Terry Olson, Director of Orange County Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs



FusionFest Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to celebrate the people and the many different cultures that make Central Florida awesome by showcasing talents, sharing stories, driving innovation, and building community based on respect and understanding. FusionFest is a project of the Orange County Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.


For more information or to apply for a media pass for either event, contact:

Paula Wyatt 321 946 6565

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