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Hiring an Event Planner - How it Works

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Anything is Posh Able® at Posh Able Events, we deliver on our commitment to "bring the excitement". Our unique full-service approach to the event planning experience ensures perfection with every aspect of every detail of your event. Our enhanced event curation services include things like event promotion, partnership development, fundraising leadership, research, and more.  Check out these memorable event stories and hear from our many satisfied Central Florida clients and community partners.   

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Anything is Posh Able® During your event planning Strategy Session, we are learning about your unique event vision.  Next, we create a customized Services Agreement establishing our scope of work and a flat-rate for our professional event planning services. By signing the agreement, you are activating our full commitment to the planning, development, and execution of your event.  As a fee-based planner, we work with you along the way to build your event budget. We don't markup products or get kickbacks - we pass those savings onto you. 

Step One - Vision

Anything is Posh Able® In the exciting planning and design phase, we closely collaborate with your team to create a comprehensive Event Plan. This collaborative communication tool enables efficient idea sharing, feedback loops, timelines, and accountability. Our focus is on crafting an exceptional guest experience at every step. We design your Event Blueprint, incorporating logistical placements and aesthetic choices. Every detail is meticulously planned in our Event Show Flow, ensuring seamless coordination and timing. Our transparent Event Budget tool empowers you with control, continuously updated as decisions are made.

Step Two - Planning and Design

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Anything is Posh Able® The week of your event, your Posh Able Events team is confirming details, establishing load-in schedules, timing your Show Flow, and communicating with your vendors, sponsors, and guests.  On the day of your event, we take care of everything!  You will love our attention to detail,  we are on top of everything.  Including your Production Schedule which allows us to manage your perfectly timed onstage activities things like lighting, scripts, speeches, awards, videos, and performances.  

Step Three - Activation and Execution

Anything is Posh Able® At Posh Able Events, our commitment to your event's success goes well beyond the final guest departure. In the post-event phase, we diligently wrap up every detail, collecting photos and videos, expressing gratitude through personalized emails, and packaging your receipts and contracts into a zip file.  We believe in laying the groundwork for future events. That's why we provide a comprehensive post-event report, offering valuable insights and suggestions to enhance the efficiency of your next event. To better understand your guests' experiences, we leverage cutting-edge event technologies to conduct surveys.  By capturing attendee feedback and analyzing the data, we gain invaluable insights to refine and tailor your future events.

Step Four - Post Event Strategy

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Your Complimentary Strategy Session

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Anything is Posh Able® We would love to learn more about what inspires you and to see if our unique Event Planning and IMAGE Building services may elevate you in your pursuits. 

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