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Crafting Fundraising Events that Leave a Lasting Legacy - Anything is Posh Able!

There is no shortage of need in Central Florida. Orlando is one of the most philanthropic cities in the country. At Posh Able Events, we continue to be inspired by so many Central Florida-based charities that are making huge impacts by providing life-changing and life-saving resources for our community and beyond. We've had the great pleasure to partner with a diversity of needs-based organizations over the years and are reaffirming our full-force commitment to support.

Anything is Posh Able! Each fundraising event concept is individualized to help each organization achieve its annual fundraising objectives while "IMAGE Building" in the Central Florida community. We can lead, follow, or be anywhere in between - our service level meets the energy of the board and planning team we are supporting. Our unique event concepts can take the form of an outdoor community festival, an elegant gala, a sporty golf tournament, or the creation of a unique retail partnership. Whether your next charity event is about awareness, appreciation, education, or excitement – Anything is Posh Able.

Event Planning At Posh Able Events, we deliver truly full-service event planning for our nonprofit clients and community partners - from concept to clean up - taking care of every aspect and detail. We do the work, and you get the credit. It's what we call The Perfect Event. But what sets Posh Able Events apart from other event planners is our integrated communication strategy. We understand that a successful fundraising event goes beyond cupcakes and balloons. It requires a comprehensive approach that includes an ownership element, where the planner is tied to the success of the event through enhanced services.

Fundraising Fundraising is at the heart of every nonprofit event, and we excel at designing strategies that maximize your organization's fundraising potential. We work closely with your team to develop creative fundraising ideas that resonate with your donors and supporters. From silent auctions to online crowdfunding campaigns, we leverage a variety of fundraising techniques to ensure a successful outcome.

Organizing Gifts-in-Kind In addition to monetary donations, gifts-in-kind play a significant role in fundraising events. We help identify potential donors and facilitate the process of securing valuable items for auctions, raffles, or giveaways. Our extensive network and experience in the industry allow us to connect with businesses and individuals who are willing to contribute to your cause.

Engaging Local Media Media coverage can greatly amplify the reach and impact of your fundraising event. We work diligently to establish relationships with local media outlets and leverage those connections to generate publicity for your event. From press releases to media partnerships, we ensure that your event receives the attention it deserves, maximizing awareness and participation.

Partnership Development Building strategic partnerships is another key component of a successful fundraising event. We assist in identifying potential partners, such as businesses, community organizations, and influencers, who can align with your cause and contribute to your event's success. These partnerships not only enhance the event experience but also create long-term relationships that can benefit your organization beyond the event itself.

Building Relationships At Posh Able Events, we believe that fundraising events are not just about raising money; they are about building relationships. We strive to create an environment where donors, sponsors, and attendees feel connected to your cause and inspired to continue supporting it in the long run. By designing events that provide meaningful experiences and fostering a sense of community, we help cultivate lasting relationships that extend far beyond a single event.

When it comes to designing a fundraising event that keeps on giving, Posh Able Events is your partner of choice. With our comprehensive event planning services and integrated communication strategy, we go beyond the traditional approach to ensure your event's success. Together, we can create an unforgettable experience that not only meets your fundraising goals but build builds your organization's image in the Central Florida community.


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