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Five Tips for Planning a Unique VIP Event Experience During your Upcoming Orlando Convention

With the Orange County Convention Center being the second largest in the United States and with Central Florida being a top international tourist destination, we think your company has made a great selection for host-city of your upcoming convention. Planning an event from another state can be challenging, here are some expert tips on how to make your VIP Event a huge success at your convention.

  1. "Orlando Convention go-ers typically have multiple invites for the same time slot, they usually end up going to the event that is either most convenient or most exciting. Your event needs to be compelling - own your message, rock your aesthetics and provide an event experience that - they can't get anywhere else."

  2. "If you are working with the Orange County Convention Center or one of Orlando's many A+ hotel and convention centers you will love the full service experience as they lead you through the event planning process including lodging, meetings and onsite events. But if you are also looking to create a "can't get anywhere else" event experience by getting your guests out of the ballroom and into one of Orlando's many world class non-hotel venues - save yourself a ton of time by calling a local event planner to help you navigate - there are so many options!"

  3. "Hire a professional Orlando area event planner who knows all the local event venues, has access to thousands of local and national entertainers and is expert at the WOW factor. Make sure your planner is door to door with your guests, they should organize transportation and be well staffed with energetic hostesses to lead your guests through a very VIP experience. Also try to find a planner that will also handle registration, guest communication and social engagement onsite - go for the full service option. Leave the planning to the planner so you can focus on your event and your guests."

  4. "Before you book your offsite VIP event experience, be sure to take a look at the full convention schedule to see what other items are on the itinerary, that your event may be competing with - it's competitive for people's time so be sure to make your event unique or exciting."

  5. "Businesses will always want to save money on travel, one way they do this is by cutting a day off the beginning or end of a convention event (in terms of how many nights they will pay for their employees to attend the conference. This reduces the pool of "free time" in which you would have access to your target guest list. Talk to some complimentary product or service providers in your industry and consider partnering on an event - you can split the costs and create a bigger collective splash."


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