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Leveraging Your Uniqueness to Build Your Community Footprint

A well designed public relations strategy leverages your uniqueness to build your image and to grow your business or nonprofit organization. Use the power of public relations to be seen by your target audience, impress your stakeholders or elevate awareness about your brand or mission. "A great Public Relations program always starts with development of a comprehensive communications strategy in alignment with your organizational marketing objectives." Paula Wyatt - Chief Excitement Officer - Anything is Posh Able At Posh Able IMAGE Builders we use media outreach and community engagement to tell your organization's story and to lead your brand. We will keep your Orlando area company ahead of the game by interpreting public opinion and counseling you on communication that may impact your image. As your PR Strategist we are constantly evaluating and developing programs and initiatives to inform public understanding necessary to the success of your organization. 

  • Content Creation and Planning 

  • Interactive Digital News Room

  • Story Telling and Press Releases

  • Media Engagement: Bloggers, Influcencers, Radio, Print, Television, Social

  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

  • Creative Social Media Integration

  • Influencer Marketing 

  • Brand Monitoring 

  • Digital News Clippings Service

Posh Able IMAGE Builders is a boutique Public Relations and Marketing firm located in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in brand elevation through integrative communications and community engagement tactics. We design IMAGE BUILDING strategies for some of Central Florida's most admired companies and nonprofit organizations. Celebrating 10 Years of Building Excitement in Central Florida - Anything is Posh Able.

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