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Building Events That Build Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Event Tech

Hello there, event enthusiasts! I'm Paula Wyatt, the Chief Excitement Officer at Anything is Poshable, where we've been building Orlando area events that build relationshipssince 2008.

The event industry is kind of like a wild rollercoaster adventure, as event strategists we bring our A-game with creativity, resilience, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. We're talking about being ready for anything because...Anything is Posh Able. Event Planners are required to be, at all times, in absolute control of a ton of things we are in absolutlely no control of (I call this the Event Planner Paradox). Things like weather, healthcare, security, drunk people, not-drunk people, traffic - it's all part of the wild ride.

Event Technology

As someone who curates event experiences for a living, I believe that success lies in identifying and minimizing variables. A decade ago, event tech was thought of by some to be a huge variable, or even a risky venture. Today, some groups remain skeptical of technology that they haven't had the chance to personally experiment with. As an event strategist, that's where the Posh Able Events team comes in, aiming to coax people out of their tech-shell and into the world of varied and robust event technology.

Here's a glimpse into the vast array of event tech tools we employ to create unforgettable experiences:

  1. Event Management Tools: These tools include ticketing and registration systems, access management, contact management, and event reporting. They ensure seamless planning and execution of events.

  2. Event Marketing Tools: We harness the power of website builders, email marketing tools, personalized registration flows, promo codes, and UTM links to reach the right audience and promote our events effectively.

  3. Event Content Tools: With agenda builders and editors, session registration management, and speaker portals, we craft engaging and informative event content that keeps attendees hooked.

  4. Event Engagement Tools: Mobile apps, virtual venues, in-session polls, Q&As, chat channels, virtual applause, cross-device accessibility, and social media integrations enhance attendee engagement and interaction.

  5. Networking Tools: We facilitate meaningful connections through 1:1 messaging, community search and navigation, and the ability to book meetings with fellow attendees.

  6. Broadcasting Tools: Recording sessions for on-demand viewing ensures that attendees can catch up on content they may have missed during the live event.

  7. Onsite Tools: Self-check-in kiosks, badge printing, and other onsite tech services streamline the check-in process and create a seamless onsite experience.

  8. Sponsor Management Tools: These tools enable us to effectively manage sponsors, track leads, and score their impact on our events.

  9. Wearable Tech: Innovative solutions like Bizzabo's SmartBadge™ technology allow in-person attendees to exchange contact information by simply "booping" their badges together, fostering networking opportunities.

  10. Event Intelligence Tools: We leverage registration, networking, engagement, and cross-event analytics to gain valuable insights that help us refine and improve our future events.

In the ever-evolving landscape of event technology, we embrace these tools not as gadgets but as enablers of exceptional experiences. By carefully selecting and integrating the right event tech solutions, we empower our clients and attendees to forge lasting connections, share knowledge, and create memories that stand the test of time.

So, whether you're planning a corporate conference, a nonprofit gala, or any event in between, remember that the key to building relationships lies in embracing the limitless possibilities that event tech has to offer. After all, in the world of events, Anything is Poshable!


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